Aroma ARC 914SBD Digital Rice Cooker Review

Cooking the perfect rice is a lot harder than it seems. If a person cooks the rice too long, it can become mushy. If the rice is not cooked long enough, it can be hard. The Aroma Cooked Digital Streamer will help a person make the perfect plate of rice every time. This stream can make 8 cups of rice at a time that is more than enough to feed a hungry family.

the best and affordable rice cooker in the market today ARC 914SBD

Important Product Information

This rice cooker makes the rice perfect every time. While the rice is steaming a person can also cook meats and vegetables in this cooking device. This device is easy to use. The cooker can be programmed with digital controls. There is even a keep warm button for family members that come in later for Dinner. They can still enjoy a hot meal. There are also different settings depending on the type of rice a person is cooking. There is a setting to cook white rice as well as brown rice. In addition to streaming the rice, this cooker can be used to make soups, jambalaya, and different types of chilies. A person can even set their meal up in the cooker the night before. There is a 15-hour delay timer. While a person is at work, they can have their food begin to cook at the time that they set the cooker on. When the rice is finished, the cooker will shut off. Included with the Aroma ARC 914SBD Digital steamer are the steam tray, a measuring cup for rice, spatula for services, coupons for rice, and a booklet with many different recipe ideas.

unique features of this amazing cooker

When a person is done cooking dinner, they do not have to worry about a lengthy cleanup process. The cleanup for the Aroma Digital Steamer is no problem. The cooking pot and the accessories used for cleaning are easily removed and washed down.

Pros and Cons

While the Aroma Cooked Digital Streamer has impressed many customers, there are some cons associated with this cooking device. Customers have reported the cooker boiling over and water making a mess. Others have said that the rice stuck to the lid and was hard to get off.

While the Aroma Digital Steamer can get a little messy with leaving water behind on the counter, many people feel that the pros out weight this small bit of a mess. Many people like the simplicity of the steamer. They put water and the rice in and turn it on. The rice cooks and shuts off when it is done. The rice is cooked perfectly, and a person can eat it as part of their dinner. They can even cook the rest of the dinner in the steamer with the rice for a no fuss meal. A person can even set the cooker so that by the time they go home from work dinner is done. They have also reported that the rice has always been cooked and never burnt. The Aroma Cooked Digital Steamer rice cooker will help make dinner easy and clean up will be no problem.