How to Make Perfect Rice Using a Rice Cooker

Rice has become a staple in most homes today. It is economical, and a good source of protein without all of the cholesterol found in meat proteins. Rice can often be used to stretch small amounts of meat and vegetables to feed a family. With today’s food prices that are a big bonus. However, cooking it on the stove-top is difficult and time-consuming. Rice cookers make cooking rice much simpler as it does not need to be timed and watched. Just add rice and water and the cooker will do the rest. The issue is that many people are not sure how to get dry and fluffy rice from a cooker. It seems always to come out wet or undercooked. Here are a few tips that will help you get the most from your rice cooker.

Best Tips For Using A Rice Cooker

Since the amount of water is critical to making perfect rice in any method, you will need to measure accurately. For white rice, the standard proportion is about two parts water and one part rice. One cup of dried rice will make about three cups of cooked rice. One serving is usually considered to one cup. So if you need six servings, you would require 4 cups of water to two cups of rice.

Brown rice will require even more water. It is suggested that the water is increased by one cup so that you would need three cups of water for every one cup of rice. This will also increase the time that you will need to cook the rice so plan accordingly.

making an amazingly perfect rice with today's rice cooker is simple and easy with these steps

In the old days, everyone was told to rinse the rice before cooking. This was because a type of talic was used to stop the rice from sticking together in the package. Today a different type of anti-clumping additive is used. This newer product did not need to be rinsed off as it did not affect the taste of the rice. If you are using a rice cooker though you should rinse the rice. This is because the rice will retain some of the water from rinsing and will cook better. It may take several rinses, and the water will never be entirely clear, but the water should not be heavily clouded.

Rinsing is even more important if you are using brown rice as the extra fluid is critical to a well-cooked product.

It is also recommended that brown rice is soaked for a few hours before cooking in a rice cooker. This helps to soften the grains and make cooking easier. It is not needed for most white short grained rice.

Does your rice always come out clumpy instead of fluffy? In the old days, it was recommended that the pot of rice be placed in a cool oven to absorb the excess water to produce a drier and fluffier rice. Many cooks got away from this tip for years. Now with the rice cooker it is back. Once the rice has shut off from the cook setting to the warm setting, let it set for between five and ten minutes on warm. This does the same thing as the cold oven. It dries the rice out a bit making it easier to fluff with a fork and giving nice separate grains instead of clumps.

Try these tips to get the most out of your rice cooker and enjoy the health benefits of rice more often.